Adam Levine Denies Affair Allegation That Began In A Viral TikTok


Maroon 5 front man and former The Voice coach Adam Levine denied cheating on his supermodel wife, Behati Prinsloo, but acknowledged he exercised “poor judgment” on Tuesday, after an allegation that he had had an affair with an Instagram model went viral on TikTok.

Singer Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo attend the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party on February 22, 2015, … [+] in Beverly Hills, California.


Key Facts

Self-described Instagram model Sumner Stroh posted a widely shared TikTok on Monday alleging she had a yearlong affair with Levine, saying their last interaction was when the singer sent her an Instagram message asking permission to give his unborn child with Prinsloo the name Sumner.

Stroh said in the video she was “completely manipulated” and “felt exploited” by Levine, and that she chose to come forward because a friend she had trusted with the information was trying to sell the story to the tabloids.

A day later, Levine said in a statement posted to his Instagram story that he did not have an affair, but added that he had shown “poor judgment” by speaking to somebody other than Prinsloo in “any type of flirtatious manner.”

He acknowledged that he “crossed the line” in certain “innapropriate” interactions, but said he has taken steps within his family to remedy the situation, saying he was “naive and stupid” to risk “the only thing that truly matters to me.”

Both Levine and Stroh came under heavy criticism online: Levine was criticized for allegedly cheating on his wife and attempting to name his unborn child after his ostensible mistress, and Stroh for allegedly carrying out the affair with Levine, who has been in a well-publicized relationship with Prinsloo for roughly a decade.

Stroh posted a second video Monday emphasizing her remorse for the affair, and said she entered into a relationship with Levine under the impression that the couple’s marriage was “over” but they were keeping it quiet to avoid negative press, adding that she ended the entanglement as soon as she learned “that wasn’t the case.”

Big Number

192,900. That’s how many times Stroh’s original video has been shared on TikTok. The video has also earned about 1.2 million likes.

Key Background

Levine and Prinsloo announced earlier this month that they are expecting their third baby together. They were married in 2014 and have two daughters. Prinsloo has not publicly commented on the affair allegations. After Stroh posted her video, a second woman came forward on TikTok to share screenshots of what she said were inappropriate messages she had received from Levine. “I feel really bad for his wife, and no one deserves this,” she said in the TikTok, encouraging any other woman with whom Levine communicated to come forward.

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