Brad Pitt Is Latest Celebrity To Launch A Beauty Brand


Brad Pitt announced in British Vogue on Wednesday the launch of his gender-neutral skincare line, Le Domaine, joining the throngs of other big-name celebrities who have launched beauty lines in the last few years.

Brad Pitt attends the “Blonde” red carpet at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on … [+] September 08, 2022 in Venice, Italy.

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Key Facts

Le Domaine is made using grapes grown on Château Beaucastel, a vineyard in France that Pitt owns and that he also sells rosé from.

Pitt acknowledged the celebrity-backed beauty industry is saturated, but he told Vogue he wouldn’t have launched the line “if I hadn’t seen a real difference visually in my skin,” citing research conducted on the vineyard’s grapes by a University of Bordeaux oenology professor and other experts that found collagen-boosting and anti-aging ingredients.

The line is also sustainable, Vogue said, using refillable bottles with covers made from wine casks.


Pitt and then-partner Angelina Jolie purchased controlling ownership of Château Miraval before splitting in 2016. In February, Pitt sued Jolie over the vineyard. The actor alleged the two had agreed not to sell their shares without the other one’s permission, and that Jolie gave her shares to Yuri Shefler, a Russian oligarch who he claimed has since “launched a hostile takeover of the wine business,” according to Vulture. Nouvel, Jolie’s former company, claimed in a cross-suit that Pitt tried to gain control of the vineyard in retaliation for the couple’s divorce.

Key Background

Dozens of celebrities have recently lent their names to skincare and beauty lines. Harry Styles launched a gender-neutral beauty line in November called Pleasing. Haily Bieber launched Rhode Skin in June. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, Ariana Grande’s R.E.M. Beauty and Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty have gone from celebrity-backed brands to cosmetic staples adored by influencers and makeup artists alike. Rihanna branched out to skincare in 2020, the same year Pharrell started his own skincare company. Both Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner expanded from cosmetics brands into skincare in 2019 and June, respectively. Celebrity involvement in these beauty lines runs the gamut from lending a famous face to the brand to stars getting in the laboratory, testing ingredients and having a hands-on approach.

Surprising Fact

Cult-favorite skincare brand Caudalie’s products are also made with or inspired by grapes grown on its founder’s parent’ vineyard, the Château Smith Haut Lafitte in Bordeaux.

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