iPhone 14 launch live blog: Reviews, deals and everything you need to know

iPhone 14 release day has been and gone, but Apple’s new phones remain highly sought after. Apple’s latest (and greatest) smartphones, the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, are all now available to buy, while the iPhone 14 Plus will follow on October 7. But getting hold of them is proving tricky for some.

Based on our testing, there’s plenty of reasons why people would want one. As our iPhone 14 review, iPhone 14 Pro review and iPhone 14 Pro Max review make clear, all three phones delivered great results, and all make our best phones list. You’ll find more on the reviews below.

But it’s not all good news. iPhone 14 delivery times have been delayed for some people, and there are also reports of several iPhone 14 bugs even at this early stage.

Our iPhone 14 launch live blog will bring you all the latest on the new phones as people get their hands on them. We’ll also be sharing our tips and tricks on getting the best from them and from iOS 16, to make sure you have the best possible experience with your phone.

And if there’s any questions you want answered or anything tested we didn’t get to yet, drop us a note in the comments.

iPhone 14 reviews

iPhone 14 Pro Max

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iPhone 14 review (from $799)

4 stars

The regular iPhone 14 is the best new iPhone for most people because it’s the most affordable. You get faster performance form the A15 Bionic inside last year’s iPhone 13 Pro, as well as an improved camera with better low-light performance (thanks to a new Photonic Engine) and bigger sensor. The Action mode video is also compellingly smooth. But the design is the same as last year and you don’t get a 120Hz display or telephoto zoom like the Galaxy S22. 

iPhone 14 Pro review (from $999)

4.5 stars

Meet the best phone under $1,000. The iPhone 14 Pro features a powerful 48MP main camera and a beautiful display with always-on capability, making it easy to see the time, battery life, widgets and notifications at a glance. You also get the best performance with A16 Bionic, while the Dynamic Island is a fantastic replacement for the notch. But the lack of a SIM card tray may annoy some, and the Photonic Engine can be a bit too aggressive with brightening pics. 

iPhone 14 Pro Max review (from $1,099)

5 stars

It’s very rare that we give any device a 5-star rating, but the iPhone 14 Pro Max earns that honor by offering everything the iPhone 14 Pro does plus a larger display and truly epic battery life. The iPhone 14 Pro Max lasted an average of 13 hours and 39 minutes on our web surfing test, placing it near the top of our best phone battery life list. And you get the same blazing A16 Bionic performance, fantastic camera system with better low-light performance and Action mode video and Dynamic Island. 

iPhone 14 deals: best sales so far

iPhone 14 Pro

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Verizon: up to $1,000 off @ Verizon (opens in new tab)

Verizon is taking up to $1,000 all iPhone 14 models. You’ll need to trade in your old phone and open an eligible 5G data plan to get this deal. However, via this promo you can get an iPhone 14 Pro for free. Plus, if you switch from a competing carrier you’ll get a $200 eGift card. (Current Verizon members can get up to $800 off an iPhone 14 via trade-in). 

AT&T: up to $1,000 off @ AT&T (opens in new tab)

New and existing AT&T customers can knock up to $1,000 off any new iPhone 14 via trade-in. You’ll also need to be signed up to one of AT&T’s qualifying unlimited plans to get this deal.

Visible: $200 gift card + free AirPods 3 @ Visible (opens in new tab)

Verizon-owned Visible has a pretty sweet deal on Apple’s new iPhones. You’ll need to purchase your phone at regular/full price, but Visible will throw in a free $200 virtual gift card and free pair of AirPods 3 ($179 value). If you don’t have an old phone to trade in, this is among the best offers we’ve seen. 

T-Mobile: free w/ trade-in @ T-Mobile (opens in new tab)

The Magenta network is offering numerous discounts on Apple’s entire iPhone 14 lineup. You can either get one free with trade-in + select Magenta Max plans or you can buy one and get $700 off another iPhone 14 when you activate two new lines (or activate a new line for an existing account). 


(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The iPhone 14 Pro has had a bumpy start with one particular camera “shake and rattling” issue that several users have reported. The bug affects the Pro camera on apps like Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok. 

Now, finally there has been an update from Apple on the issue and it looks like it will be fixed soon.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman (opens in new tab), Apple has confirmed that it has identified a fix for the issue and that a software update will be released next week. 

Numbers of users took to TikTok, Twitter and Reddit to express their concerns when the 48MP camera of the iPhone 14 Pro started shaking, rattling and making physical noises on some social media apps.

iPhone 14

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The iPhone 14 models seem to have had a turbulent start with a number of bugs being reported from users. From the iPhone 14 Pro camera “rattling and shaking” on some social media apps, to issues with iMessage and FaceTime, Apple still has to iron out the kinks. 

We have a ready reckoner on all the bugs and issues so far on the iPhone 14 and when to expect a fix. Apple has acknowledged some and rolled out an update, while some others are still new. Our guide will help you through a quick fix that the company has recommended for some, should you encounter any of the mentioned glitches on your new iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Pro

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

We’ve got some more details on a problem that is plaguing some iPhone 14 Pro owners. Apparently the iPhone 14 Pro is causing issues in some camera-focused apps, including Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram (opens in new tab)

@damian.m.munoz (opens in new tab)
♬ Me Porto Bonito – Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone (opens in new tab)

As reported by 9to5Mac (opens in new tab), certain owners have reported that they can hear the camera shake in Snapchat, and other reported the same iPhone 14 Pro issue when using the camera in Snapchat and Instagram. We have not been able to replicate the issue, but we’re assuming their party developers will need to update their apps. 

@damian.m.munoz (opens in new tab)
♬ Me Porto Bonito – Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone (opens in new tab)

best iphone 14 pro max cases

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If you’ve been lucky enough to pick up a highly coveted iPhone 14 Pro Max (or have one on order), you’re going to want a case to go with it. After all, Apple’s flagship costs $1,099 (at least) and though we found it to be impressively durable in our testing, accidents do happen. 

To help you out, we’ve published a roundup of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases, so you can give your new phone the protection it deserves.

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island

(Image credit: Apple)

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max both have an exclusive feature in Dynamic Island, which replaces the notch with a smaller area that animates with live activities like music and directions. It also gives you call status and soon sports scores and ride share updates. And it may not be exclusive for the next iPhone. 

According to MacRumors (opens in new tab) , display analyst Ross Young predicts that all of the iPhone 15 models will feature a Dynamic Island next year. This could be a reason to wait if you don’t want to pay extra for a Pro. 

iPhone 14 Plus

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There are several things to consider after you have bought an iPhone 14. The first thing would probably be a case for that glass back on the iPhone 14. We have drawn up a guide to the best iPhone 14 cases that include durable and good looking ones to pick from for your brand new phone.

If you’re in the US, you would also probably want to transfer your number to the new eSIM-only capability that the US models have. We have a detailed guide on how to activate your eSIM on your iPhone 14 that can help you with that. iOS 16 makes it easy with a new Quick Transfer feature to change from a physical SIM card to an eSIM.

iOS 16 has tons of new features and that would probably be the next thing to do — check out all the top tips and tricks on iOS 16 to see the new features on your iPhone. 

In fact, this iOS 16 feature will ‘blow your mind’ — or that’s what several TikTokers believe. It is the sticker feature that allows you to cut, copy and paste a cut-out of an image into a message. It feels like a bit of Photoshop magic that can be done in seconds and is a really fun feature to play around with. 

iPhone 14 Pro

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Like all new launches, Apple seems to be dealing with its fair share of teething troubles, more specifically software bugs, right after the release of the new iPhone 14 series. 

Another bug spotted on the iPhone 14 Pro models is preventing some users from transferring data from their older iPhone. Users have said that the iPhone 14 Pro freezes and becomes unresponsive after an iCloud restore or data transfer option from another iPhone is selected. 

Apple has taken note of this problem, and in an internal memo to MacRumors (opens in new tab), the company has mentioned that it is “aware of this issue happening and is investigating it.” In the meanwhile, Apple says users should force restart their iPhone if it becomes unresponsive for more than 5 minutes.

Apple has also released an update iOS 16.0.1 for iPhone 14 Pro customers — who should update their phone to avoid other bugs.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

After news of an iOS 16.1 beta bug causing a GPS issue on the iPhone 14 Pro, it looks like some users are facing a glitch in the Pro’s camera with some social media apps. 

Numbers of users are reporting “shaking and rattling” of the iPhone 14 Pro camera module on apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Tiktok. 9to5Mac (opens in new tab) reports that “it looks like these third-party apps were not prepared for the iPhone 14 Pro camera”. 

The camera is not working properly for some of these social media apps causing it to shake, rattle and even make some physical grinding noises.

Users have taken to Twitter (opens in new tab), Reddit (opens in new tab) and TikTok (opens in new tab) to express their problems with the camera and even uploaded videos. Apple has not commented on the issue yet but it seems like it could be a software bug specifically related to the optical image stabilization on the phone. To resolve this, the affected apps will probably need to roll out updates and should not take too long to fix.

iPhone 14 vs. Samsung Galaxy S22

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The iPhone 14 stacks up pretty close to the Samsung Galaxy S22 since both the phones sport the same $799 price tag. They are both phones people tend to go for more since they are the entry level models in their own respective lineups. 

In our detailed comparison of the flagships — the iPhone 14 vs Samsung Galaxy S22, we found that the modest 12MP lens on the iPhone 14 takes on Samsung’s 50MP shooter and even outperforms it. The S22 has a better refresh rate on its display, but in terms of camera and performance, it is the iPhone 14 that takes the cake.

Apple also packs in some safety features on the iPhone 14 including Emergency SOS via satellite and Crash Detection. The new action mode in the camera app on the iPhone is very handy for videos taken on-the-go. Check out our detailed comparison to see how the phones performed and which phone has the better battery life.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are getting a lot of buzz because of their new 48MP cameras, but the regular iPhone 14’s 12MP shooter is plenty capable. It has a larger sensor and faster aperture than the iPhone 13, which results in great-looking photos. 

In the above comparison with the Galaxy S22, the iPhone 14 takes a more vibrant and detailed shot of dipladenia flowers. You can make out more details in the petals and the water droplets really stand out. 

Emergency SOS via satellite on iPhone 14

(Image credit: Apple)

All of the new iPhone 14 models have a new safety feature call Emergency SOS via Satellite, which can summon help for users who can’t connect via cellular of Wi-Fi. And now we know a bit more about what makes it happen. 

In a report by Reuters, we just learned that the new “Qualcomm chip provides 5G connectivity for cellular networks but is also capable of using what is called band n53, the frequency band used by satellites from Globalstar (GSAT.A).”

But Apple says it’s about much more than hardware. 

“iPhone 14 includes custom radio frequency components, and new software designed entirely by Apple, that together enable Emergency SOS via satellite on new iPhone 14 models,” said Apple.

See our guide on how Emergency SOS via Satellite works. 

iPhone 14 Pro Max

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

What is your favorite iPhone 14 Pro feature? The iPhone 14 Pro brings so many big upgrades that it is hard to choose one feature I would be most excited to use. 

I think it would be the 48MP camera though, that was also the star of the show in our iPhone 14 Pro review

You also can’t ignore the Dynamic Island that is a masterful redesign of the classic notch. It sort of reminds me of the touch bar on the MacBook Pro. There is also, finally, an Always-on Display and luckily it will not drain too much battery. 

Apple has also made a big push towards eSIM on the US models — you can read our guide on how to activate an eSIM on your iPhone 14. There are safety features like Emergency SOS via satellite and Crash Detection. What I like is that the safety features have not been limited to the Pro’s and are also on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus variants. 

iOS 16

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

iOS 16 brings some pretty handy features to iPhones. There are tons of different lock screen customizations, you can unsend a message on iMessage, the battery percentage indicator is back and there is a fun stickers feature that people are getting really creative with, amongst many other features. 

If you are finding your way around, our guide to iOS 16 features can help you get acquainted. 

iOS 16.1 beta is already here and it will be the first update for iOS 16 from Apple. iOS 16.1 will bring the battery percentage indicator to more iPhone models. But this is just in — if you download the iOS 16.1 beta on your iPhone 14 Pro it may impact how your GPS works. 

The iPhone 14 Pro comes with dual-frequency GPS support that is supposed to travel better between obstacles. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus don’t have this GPS upgrade. Hopefully Apple can release another beta patch version soon to rectify this.

If you have just got yourself an iPhone 14 Pro, we would recommend not downloading the beta version of iOS 16.1 till Apple launches it officially or comes out with the next patch update to fix this.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

A quick check on the current iPhone availability from the US East Coast, has shown me this:

iPhone 14: Available with a $9 2-hour delivery right away or on September 21

iPhone 14 Plus: October 7

iPhone 14 Pro: October 18-25

iPhone 14 Pro Max: October 25- November 1

It’s interesting that until yesterday the iPhone 14 Plus was also available for a 2-hour delivery. It seems like the iPhone 14 Pro Max delivery time has also got slightly extended. 

At this point, it is a bit different for every region and if you are bagging some of the best iPhone 14 deals through carriers, then the delivery time will depend on the carrier you buy from. 

Speaking of, my favorite iPhone 14 deal is definitely the big trade-in offers by AT&T (opens in new tab), Verizon (opens in new tab) and T-Mobile (opens in new tab) that are offering the iPhone 14 Pro for “free” or $1000 off with a solid phone trade-in. Of course, each of them will also need you to sign up for their network plans. But it is still one of the best deals, especially for the pricey Pro’s.

iPhone 14 Pro shown from front displaying iOS16 home screen

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

There are some iPhone 14 specs Apple simply prefers not to publish but luckily we have one of the first iPhone 14 Pro teardowns to help fill in some of the gaps. 

A new video reveals that the iPhone Pro does indeed feature faster LPDDR5 RAM and the Qualcomm X65 5G modem. The speedier memory comes in handy and likely supplies the additional graphics bandwidth Apple boasted about during the Apple event. And the new modem enables faster 5G downloads and wider mmWave spectrum support.

iPhone 14

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We wrote earlier about our iPhone 14 Pro benchmarks, and just how powerful Apple’s new A16 Bionic chipset is, but what about the base iPhone 14?

While it didn’t get the newest chip, it did get an upgrade to the A15 Bionic that was found in last year’s iPhone 13 Pro — so a more powerful version than the one in the standard iPhone 13.

What this boils down to is that the iPhone 14 has a fifth GPU core, compared to the 4-core GPU in last year’s model — and we’ve run some iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 benchmarks to find out just how much faster the new iPhone is.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

(Image credit: Future)

Good morning. Editor in Chief Marc McLaren here for a couple of posts. It’s now just about 24 hours since the iPhone 14 range went on sale in the U.K., where I’m writing from, but availability appears to be even worse than it initially was.

Yesterday morning, I could order an iPhone 14 Pro for next-day pick up in London; today, none of the 128GB variants are available from any of the 12 Apple stores nearest to me, so I’d have to jump up to the more expensive 256GB model to get my hands on one this weekend.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is still unavailable for next-day collection whichever model you chose — so you’re looking at a wait time there of around five or six weeks. 

There are no such issues with the base iPhone 14, though — I can order that right now and pick it up today. 

iPhone 14 Plus colors

(Image credit: Future)

We’ll call it a night — more launch news in the morning — but before we do, let’s just check the status of iPhone availability after Day One of in-store sales. From the San Francisco Bay Area, we went shopping for the 128GB model of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, selecting an unlocked phone in Midnight or Space Black (for the Pro models). Here’s what the wait times were as of 10:55 p.m. ET on Friday, September 16.

  • iPhone 14: Delivered by September 20; in-store pickup available on September 18.
  • iPhone 14 Pro: Delivered by Oct. 17-24; no in-store pickup available.
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: Delivered by Oct. 24-31; no in-store pickup available.

Those dates may change based on color, storage size and your part of the world, but that gives you a pretty good idea of what supplies are like at the moment. It seems as if the iPhone 14 can be had with relatively little delay, while the Pro models won’t show up until October. That’s not surprising, given how many features Apple added to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

One other thing to note: In the San Francisco Bay Area at any rate, you can pay an extra $9 for next-day delivery, even for those iPhone 14 Pro models that might otherwise not show up until October. So that’s a possible course of action if you absolutely need to get your new iPhone now.

How to activate eSim on iPhone 14

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

In case you happen to be in the market for a new phone carrier at the same time that you’re doing your iPhone 14 shopping, you’re probably not alone. A lot of iPhone 14 deals are designed to convince shoppers to switch carriers in exchange for a lower cost Apple device. But one of the requirements for these deals is usually that you have to sign up for an eligible unlimited data plan.

A few weeks back, we took a look at the cheapest unlimited plans at all the major carriers. Not all of these plans are always eligible for big phone discounts, but if they are, we can help you judge whether those data plans have what you need before you commit to a new carrier.

iPhone 14 deals

(Image credit: Future)

If you haven’t gotten your iPhone 14 yet, there’s plenty of time to pick one up this weekend. Even better, you can pick Apple’s phone for free at some carriers and retailers, according to our deals editor Louis Ramirez.

You had better believe there are caveats to this deal. First off, you’re going to need a phone to trade-in and it had best be in good condition to receive the maximum rebate on your new device purchase. You’ll also have to sign up for an unlimited data plan, and your rebate — up to $1,000 — will come in the form of monthly bill credits, which essentially tie you to the carrier you’re getting your free iPhone from.

Still, even with those conditions, that’s an appealing deal. Here’s where you can trade in your current device for a free iPhone.

iOS 16 at WWDC 2022

(Image credit: Apple via YouTube)

Assuming you didn’t try out the iOS 16 public beta over the summer or download the new iOS to your current iPhone when the full release came out at the start of this week, your first introduction to the updated iPhone software will be when you fire up your new iPhone 14.

You shouldn’t feel too disoriented, as iOS 16 behaves a lot like the version of iOS that it replaces. But if you need help finding your way around the new additions to Apple’s mobile software, our guide to iOS 16 features can point you in the direction of various tips and tricks.

iPhone 14 eSIM screen

(Image credit: Future)

Lots of people are getting their new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max this weekend, so we wanted to provide this important piece of advice. While your wireless carrier can probably help, you should check out our guide on how to activate eSIM on iPhone 14 (opens in new tab).

As we explain below, U.S. models of the iPhone 14 don’t have a SIM card slot, so it’s eSIM all the way. So follow our step-by-step instructions and also see our guidance on how to transfer an eSIM or a physical SIM to your new iPhone. 

Comparison image of iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

(Image credit: Apple/Future)

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 look almost identical, so is it worth the upgrade? In short, probably not, unless you’re already in the iPhone upgrade program. The design is the same, including the notch, as is the display.

But there are some notable differences, and our iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 comparison breaks everything down for you. The gist is that the iPhone 14 offers better images in low light, a slightly faster A15 Bionic chip (stolen from last year’s iPhone 13 Pro) and silky smooth Action mode video. 

iPhone 14 Pro Max eSIM screen

(Image credit: Future)

No matter which iPhone 14 model you choose in the U.S., none of them have a SIM card tray. And that’s because Apple is going eSIM only in America. That means you’ll have to enter the SIM card info into the Settings app.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to get up and running. Plus, we have a guide to eSIMs on the iPhone 14 and how they work. Once you are set up, it’s fairly easy to switch between active lines. So you can have one phone number for business and one for personal use. And you can store up to 8 eSIMs overall per iPhone 14. 

One of the questions I got on my iPhone 14 Pro Max review on YouTube was whether the Dynamic Island is tough to reach when using one hand. My answer was yes, but Apple already has a solution on the way to make things easier.

As reported by 9to5Mac (opens in new tab), the iOS 16.1 beta integrates the Dynamic Island into the Reachability feature under settings. So once you turn the feature on, the Island will actually move along with the rest of the display halfway down the screen. That’s a handy upgrade. 

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro Max back cameras

(Image credit: Future)

Like any new iPhone, the iPhone 14 is not immune to launch day issues. An iPhone 14 bug was initially preventing users from setting up their devices over Wi-Fi. But this problem has apparently been addressed.

According to The Verge (opens in new tab), Apple has released an iOS 16.0.1 update that “should resolve any activation or migration issues facing owners of the new iPhone.” However, note that users may need to update and restore their phones using a Mac or PC to solve this problem.

iPhone 14 Pro always on display support document

(Image credit: Apple)

Whoops! It looks like Apple itself was aware of the rumors that the iPhone 14 Pro series was going to have dual cutouts at the top of the screen. As reported by MacRumors (opens in new tab), Apple has been showing a punch hole and pill shaped cutout for the iPhone 14 in various support documents, even though the new Dynamic Island uses a single cutout.

iPhone 14 vs. Samsung Galaxy S22

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

As good as the iPhone 14 is, it’s not necessarily the best phone in its price range. Case in point: the Samsung Galaxy S22. Samsung’s $799 handset offers a 120Hz display and 3x telephoto zoom, two features the regular iPhone 14 lacks.

Here’s a quick overview of four ways the Galaxy S22 beats the iPhone 14. But we also go over where Apple beats Samsung. Plus, we have a full face-off coming up this weekend to declare a definitive winner. 

A graphic showing the new iPhone lineup following the launch of iPhone 14.

(Image credit: Apple)

With any new iPhone launch you’ll find that Apple gives some older phones the axe. So be sure to see our overview of the iPhones Apple has discontinued (opens in new tab) following the iPhone 14’s release. 

The iPhone 11 is no more, and there’s no iPhone 12 mini, either. The iPhone 11 going away hurts most as there’s no solid sub-$500 iPhone in Apple’s lineup now with a screen size 6 inches or bigger. 

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro Max

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The iPhone 14 is a good phone, but you should really know about all of the differences between it and the iPhone 14 Pro before you buy. Our iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro (opens in new tab) comparison breaks it all down so you’ll be able to make the most informed decision.

Here’s the gist. The iPhone 14 Pro has a bunch of exclusive features, including always-on display, Dynamic Island and a 48MP main camera. But that’s not all. 

iPhone 14 Pro Max

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

We just finished a couple of more battery tests on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and we have good news. Apple’s 6.7-inch flagship lasted an excellent 13 hours and 39 minutes on average, which puts this phone on our best phone battery life list. 

Anything above 11.5 hours is considered excellent. Stay tuned for more results for all the new iPhones! 

iPhone 14 Pro Max

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Early benchmarks before the iPhone 14’s arrival suggested that it might not be as powerful as people hoped.

We needn’t have worried, though — because own benchmarks tell a very different story about just how powerful the A16 Bionic really is. 

In short: Apple has solidified its lead in the mobile system-on-chip space, because the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are the fastest and most powerful phones ever. Get the full story in our iPhone 14 benchmarks test report.

Action mode is another new iPhone 14 feature, and the best way to show it off is to simply watch some footage with it turned on and off. And it’s pretty easy to do; you just press a button in the camera app when recording video, and you should see smooth and steady video, as if you were using a gimbal.

Running up this incline on a path, you can see that the video is much more stable with Action mode turned on. With it off, it looks like I’m veering wildly from side to side. Our iPhone 14 Pro Max review has more comparisons for you to check out.

Ever wondered what the inside of an iPhone 14 Pro Max looks like? No, don’t go prying off the back of your new phone, that’s not a good idea. Instead, take a look at the above iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown video by PBKreviews (opens in new tab), which takes apart the new device piece-by-piece to compare it with the iPhone 13 Pro Max

It’s fascinating stuff if you’re interested in what’s inside your phone rather than just what it can do.

Emergency SOS via satellite on iPhone 14

(Image credit: Apple)

The iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via Satellite option is another new feature for Apple’s latest handset, and this one’s available on all models rather than just the Pro. 

It currently has limited global coverage, in that it’s only available in the U.S. and Canada, but good news is on the way: the iPhone 14’s satellite connectivity could be coming to more countries this year.

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island

(Image credit: Apple)

The Dynamic Island is interactive, too. Long pressing this area brings up more controls, such as playback, so you don’t have to keep jumping between multiple apps or swipe down from the top of the screen. 

It gets better. As third-party developers tap into Apple’s Live Activites API, you’ll be able to see the status of your Lyft ride, the score from your favorite NFL team or the ETA for your food delivery order. Now that’s smart, and it worked well in our testing.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Another great new iPhone 14 feature is the Dynamic Island found on the two Pro models. You’re going to be hearing this word a lot, so let’s break down what it means. Dynamic Island is the replacement for the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

This pill-shaped cutout doesn’t just house the TrueDepth camera and tech for Face ID; it delivers info and changes shape on the fly. You could start a timer and see the countdown clock towards the top of your screen, or album art for the music playing or the next turn for Apple Maps.

iPhone 14 Pro always-on display

(Image credit: Future)

You might think from the name that the always-on display will always be… well, on. But Apple has now confirmed that there are some instances where the always-on display will temporarily turn off

There are eight of these, including when your iPhone is face down, in a pocket or bag and when Low Power Mode is switched on, with the idea being that disabling the feature at these times will help you preserve battery life on your phone.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

A few bugs and some (inevitable) delays aside, it’s pretty much all good news as far as the iPhone 14 range goes. In fact, there are so many positives — particularly with the Pro models — that it’s hard to know where to start.

But to pick one at random, how about the new iPhone 14 Pro always-on display?

This shows you a low-brightness version of your current lock screen, allowing you to check your notifications, your iOS 16 lock screen widgets, and of course the clock.

It’s something Android phones have had a version of for some time, but none look quite as pretty, or show quite as much at once, as the AOD Apple’s developed.

There’s also a bug that reportedly affects iMessage and FaceTime. According to 9to5Mac (opens in new tab), this can leave users unable to receive messages and calls, or iMessages to be sent with the generic green bubbles to other iPhone users.

Fortunately, there is a fix for this one, which we detail in our iPhone 14 release day bugs article.

iPhone 14

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

So what can you look forward to if you do have a shiny new iPhone 14 in your mitts today? Well, mostly lots of very good things, but also a couple of slight negatives.

We’ll start with the negatives, just because they’re freshly reported. For instance, it seems there’s an iPhone 14 activation bug which might be causing the set-up process to fail for some people. 

This comes from MacRumors (opens in new tab), which says it’s seen an internal Apple memo where the iPhone 14 doesn’t connect to open Wi-Fi networks when being set up. The workaround is to instead use a PC or Mac for that part of the process, which isn’t the most elegant solution. Hopefully Apple will sort this issue out quickly.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro Max

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The fact that so many people want to get their hands on the iPhone 14 Pro models is hardly a surprise — in fact, we think the difference between the base model and its more expensive siblings is greater than ever.

Why? Well, there are multiple reasons including the fact that the Pro replaces the divisive notch with the really clever Dynamic Island, the camera upgrade to a 48MP sensor and the increased battery life.  

Here, our Global Editor in Chief Mark Spoonauer explains why the iPhone 14 Pro is way better than iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Pro

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Nor is the situation just bad for people looking to buy some iPhone 14 Pro models today — even some people who preordered those phones are being told they might not get their handset on time.

According to 9to5Mac, multiple iPhone 14 preorders have been delayed at the 11th hour. Many have contacted them to express their frustration at the estimated delivery dates slipping to September 23. And some have even been pushed back to September 30.

A screenshot showing iPhone 14 Pro Max delays

(Image credit: Apple)

In the U.K., for instance, where Apple stores are already open, I can order an iPhone 14 Pro right now and pick it up from my local outlet tomorrow. However, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is showing as unavailable to collect from any of the 12 nearest stores.

There are no such problems with the base iPhone 14: that’s readily available for pick up tomorrow in multiple colors and configurations. 

Model Estimated delivery date (U.S.) Estimated delivery date (U.K.)
iPhone 14 September 20 September 21
iPhone 14 Plus October 7 October 7
iPhone 14 Pro October 17-24 October 18-25
iPhone 14 Pro Max October 24-31 October 25-November 1

Good morning, and welcome to Tom’s Guide’s iPhone 14 launch day live blog. 

Let’s start by talking about wait times. As the table above shows, some new iPhone 14 models are far easier to get hold of than others. For instance, if you order the base iPhone 14 today, it should be delivered as soon as next week. But if you want the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you might have to wait until the end of October to get your hands on it! 

In-store availability is potentially better than that, but it will depend on which model you want and where you are. Either way, it’s clear that the Pro models are in greater demand than ever this year. 

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