Just in: CertiK Detects Suspicious Fund Transfers! What’s Happening?

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Sep 24, 2022


Crypto-security firm, CertiK, announced on Wednesday that it has detected a suspicious fund transfer of $2.4 million into crypto mixer Tornado Cash. The fund transfer is related to the $139 million BXH Exchange hack when hackers stole nearly 4,000 ETH of $139 million in October 2021. Despite sanctions by the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control in August, it is arriving at the conclusion that the suspicious fund transfers are still continuing. It was noted that a Telegram group was created by the people under the influence of BXH Exchange, who disclosed the staking contract holding the assets and addresses.

The externally owned address (EOA) 0x158F5 exchanged bridged ERC-20 tokens for ETH. Thus, 1865 ETH tokens over $2.4 million worth have been deposited into Tornado Cash.

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