Would You Travel 3,000 Miles to Be in a MrBeast Video for Only 90 Seconds? This YouTuber Did

YouTuber Ludwig Anders Ahgren, aka “Ludwig,” claims he traveled nearly 3,000 miles from California to Panama to appear in a video with famed influencer MrBeast but only received a couple of seconds of camera time, according to Insider.

Ludwig has 3.5 million YouTube subscribers who watch his comedic content on gaming, and challenges like his video titled “IF MY VIEWER BEATS ME I GIVE HIM ALL MY MONEY” where he played a randomly selected video game with a select number of fans.

He said he filmed with MrBeast for an upcoming project, but the experience was rather “awkward.”

“It’s 24 hours of living, and then they use it for 90 seconds of the video. It’s just weird,” he said on an episode of his “The Yard” podcast.

“You have to kind of be weirdly on for a stretch when any moment could be used because they’re like constantly filming, which I find weird,” he added.

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has 104 million subscribers and has made a name for himself on YouTube with expensive stunts like challenging 100 Girls and 100 Boys to stay within a circle for 100 hours for a chance to win $500,000.

In early September, he opened MrBeast Burger at a mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey, after starting the burger company from a ghost kitchen two years prior. The grand opening brought in thousands of fans.

The undisclosed upcoming project will be Ludwig’s third video with MrBeast.

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